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Not quite a goodbye…

Hello everyone,

We thought it was about time we updated you on the drummer situation as we’ve been pretty quiet over the last few months.

Firstly, we have to say that we’ve spent a good few months advertising on various sites & real life, chatting to drummers, meeting drummers, coming up with plans, but unfortunately our search hasn’t been successful. That’s nobody’s fault, it’s just not been right for either party so far, but it does leave us with a bit of a dilemma.

With a drummer not forthcoming, we’ve had several long discussions and brain storming sessions about what to do. The short version is; we’re putting hAND on hiatus. This is not a break up or a definitive end, this is a “right now we want to try some new things, work a bit differently, go down avenues we haven’t before and see where it takes us”.

We felt it was better to start a new project for that, different set ups, different styles etc than morph hAND into something it’s not. We’re not giving up on being a band or writing music so please let us introduce you to Boxtape.

This is going to be our main project for the foreseeable future and it consists of just myself and Kieren playing music that has a more acoustic stripped back vibe.

It’s quite a change but we’re very excited about it right now and the challenges it poses us! In some cases it might still borrow a little bit from hAND – it’s still us after all, and same core songwriting team but in a completely different setting and genre. Expect lots of gigs, recordings and releases, and a YouTube channel full of content.

We’d just like to end by saying a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, come to gigs, bought music, or helped us in any way, thank you, you’ve been amazing!

We realise that this change might not be what people are expecting or interested in, and that’s completely cool, but, if you do feel inclined to support our new project we’d be very grateful indeed.