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Kintsugi is finished, gold edition announced!

Hi everyone,

Kintsugi is finished (yay!), it’s going to press this week so very soon we should have the actual physical CDs in our midst.

This later than we originally planned, a large part of that being it took us quite a while to decide exactly how we wanted to release this album. From the very start of Kintsugi we wanted to do things a bit different and experiment a bit more, especially with the production side of things. Boring details aside… we ended up with two finished versions of Kintsugi, each with a different approach.

The dilemma we had is which version do we release? We discussed and discussed, there was no obvious answer to that question. So here it is: We are releasing two versions of Kintsugi.

The Standard Edition (which is the CD version) is everything you would expect from a modern day studio production. Slick, crisp, exciting and powerful.  No holds barred, this conveys the tracks with a sharp, decisive attack and nails the power behind them.

The Gold Edition (download and vinyl) has a completely different feel and is more reminiscent of the analogue era, more dynamics and adds a live vibe to everything. One track is an entirely separate recording altogether.  This is something special indeed and will be available on vinyl and also as a lossless high-quality download.

We just want everyone to enjoy the music, so if you buy the Standard Edition you get the Gold Edition for free as a download. There will be more details about all that in the coming weeks, but we’re still sorting out a few things for the run up to release day (including the date)!

Finally the Prog Britannia radio show hosted at will be airing a couple of tracks from Kinstugi on Monday June 30th @ 3PM. If you want to hear them first that’s where you need to be.
You can check out the show further by visiting to their Facebook page at