Level One Music Video

So finally we can get some new news on the front page. We’ve had no end of problems with the site getting previously hacked, but it’s all sorted now, hooray!

Without further ado we are delighted to present the official music video for Level One. CTRL-ALT-TEST did an amazing job and we cannot thank them enough for their effort and dedication to the project.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy the pixels.



Kintsugi is Released!

Today is the day, Kintsugi is finally released!

So release day is finally here, wow what a ride this has been! Thank you for all your support, we hope that every one of you who pre-ordered is enjoying the album and T-shirts.

If you haven’t got a copy, there’s now several ways to get your hands (haha) on some lovely Kintsugi goodies. There’s Amazonour official site handtheband.com (with T-shirts and vinyl too) and for those of you that like downloads head over to our Bandcamp page.  (iTunes will follow in the coming weeks!)

We have a couple of live dates coming up in November –

Nov 22nd @ Sanctuary in Basingstoke, Hampshire
Nov 28th @ The Black Dog in Crawley, West Sussex

We’re looking forward to playing this loud 😀

More details can be found on our Shows page for the gigs. We’re working hard to secure some more gigs in the new year, if you would like us to play near you please let us know where you are in the world! Alternatively if there’s a cracking venue near you please request us (send them and us an email!).

Thank you once again, please enjoy Kintsugi!

We love you all.


Wanna Hear Our New Album Right Now?

Then you need to head over to PROG where they are exclusively streaming Kintsugi in full 😀

We are very grateful to Team Rock and the Prog team for supporting us and backing the album. We hope you love it as much as we do, we can’t wait to see what you think.

Tweet Us, Facebook Us, or email us your thoughts, comments, what you had for breakfast; we love hearing from you!

More updates as and when we get them.



Kintsugi Pre-Orders Are Go!

Hello everyone,

We are over the moon that Kintsugi is ready to go and the promo has already started. Keep a keen eye on our socials as already we’ve had interviews with Core of Brutality,Vents Magazine and soon, Prog Magazine!

You can pre-order Kintsugi right now! We have 3 different bundles available and they consist of:

The Bronze Bundle: Kintsugi CD with Gold Edition Download, £10

The Silver Bundle: Kintsugi CD with Gold Edition Download + Kintsugi T-shirt, £18

The Gold Bundle: Kintsugi CD with Gold Edition Download + Kintsugi T-shirt + Limited Edition Vinyl of Kintsugi Gold Edition, £30

Kintsugi CDKintsugi T-shirtKintsugi Vinyl Front

We are also shipping worldwide!  You can pick up a pre-order bundle in our online merch shop.

Without further ado here’s the first full track from Kintsugi – Volcanic Panic. We’d love to know what you think, email us, tweet us, or leave a comment on the vid if you feel so inclined.

hAND – Volcanic Panic Studio Play Through

As always we thoroughly appreciate your support, as the promo is ramping up we are receiving lots of lovely emails and it makes the last 2-3 years of very hard work all the more worth it.

UPDATE: You can check out another full album track on the Music page – Anthem (Ode to the Giddy).

Thank you.


Kintsugi Released November 3rd

So the announcement is finally here, Kintsugi will be released through Brutal Elite Records on November 3rd 2014.

Pre-order packs will be up soon, and we hope to bring you news of some live dates to accompany the release.

The official press release from SaN PR is below –

hAND are back and release their new album ‘Kintsugi’ on Monday 3rd November through Brutal Elite.

Although hAND can be loosely described as a Prog band, when you peel back the aural layers, you’ll find a definitive edge that sets the band firmly apart from its contemporary counterparts. Progressive and heavy, yet accessible, hAND have unearthed a sound that is innovative and engrossing. They call to mind the thoughtful webby depths of ‘Opeth’, meshed with the proggy groove of ‘Amplifier’ and the gothic guile of ‘Paradise Lost’. Acutely marrying carefully formed visceral guitar parts, dynamic drums, and alluring vocals, hAND have a strong focus and a clear vision of what they want to produce.
Originally formed back in 2004, the band come at you from Sussex. Right from their early years, which saw hAND unleash their first EP “Chapters”, to the band’s next EP “Shadow: Word Pain”, which landed them a record deal with Copro Records, to the foursome’s debut album “Deadroom Journal”, each release and record has progressed in its sheer song-writing quality and production. The progsters worked with producer Nick Hemingway (Isor, Cancer, Desecration) @ Philia Studios for “Deadroom Journal”, and the album went on to secure lofty praise with Dead Earnest, who dubbed the release: “Totally groundbreaking in such a genre”. Off the back of the album, hAND signed to Femme Metal Records and began to play shows throughout the whole of the UK, as well as racking up prominent festival appearances. In 2010, the progressive crew headed back to the studio to record their sophomore album “Breathing”, with Nick Hemingway again at the helm. Released in June 2011 via Femme Metal Records and Brutal Elite Records, the album picked up even greater acclaim than their debut album. In the summer of 2011, long time drummer Cris Nelson left the band. He was replaced by Dan Thomas, and at the same time synth player Tom Johnstone joined as a full time member. Taking a hiatus from playing live in 2013, hAND solely focused on writing their next album and perfecting their revitalised eclectic sound.
This year, the quartet hit the studio once more with long term collaborator and producer Nick Hemmingway to lay down their third album ‘Kintsugi’. Comprised of hypnotic and supremely orchestrated guitar riffs and crashing drums with pulsing rhythms, ‘Kintsugi’ is primed to rattle your ear drums and will surely pull you in. The album will be widely supported with extensive touring and is released in two formats: the regular CD/digital download version and the ‘Gold Edition’. The Gold Edition is more than just the same album with a couple of bonus tracks; whilst it does contain some of the same songs, it is approached in a very different way in terms of production and feel. The approach taken differs in the production style – a more natural, dynamic and even old-school take, designed to contrast with the heavier, more driving production employed on the ‘regular’ Kintsugi. The Gold Edition will also be available on vinyl and in a special pre-order pack. Both versions of the record drop this November; look out as hAND are set to take the scene by storm.

PRESS CONTACT: Garry Hutchinson / SaN PR: [email protected]

BAND EMAIL: [email protected]

Kintsugi is finished, gold edition announced!

Hi everyone,

Kintsugi is finished (yay!), it’s going to press this week so very soon we should have the actual physical CDs in our midst.

This later than we originally planned, a large part of that being it took us quite a while to decide exactly how we wanted to release this album. From the very start of Kintsugi we wanted to do things a bit different and experiment a bit more, especially with the production side of things. Boring details aside… we ended up with two finished versions of Kintsugi, each with a different approach.

The dilemma we had is which version do we release? We discussed and discussed, there was no obvious answer to that question. So here it is: We are releasing two versions of Kintsugi.

The Standard Edition (which is the CD version) is everything you would expect from a modern day studio production. Slick, crisp, exciting and powerful.  No holds barred, this conveys the tracks with a sharp, decisive attack and nails the power behind them.

The Gold Edition (download and vinyl) has a completely different feel and is more reminiscent of the analogue era, more dynamics and adds a live vibe to everything. One track is an entirely separate recording altogether.  This is something special indeed and will be available on vinyl and also as a lossless high-quality download.

We just want everyone to enjoy the music, so if you buy the Standard Edition you get the Gold Edition for free as a download. There will be more details about all that in the coming weeks, but we’re still sorting out a few things for the run up to release day (including the date)!

Finally the Prog Britannia radio show hosted at http://progrock.com/pr/ will be airing a couple of tracks from Kinstugi on Monday June 30th @ 3PM. If you want to hear them first that’s where you need to be.
You can check out the show further by visiting to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/286925034811650/.



New Site Launched + Music Video Premiere

Hello guys,

We hope you are well! If you haven’t been on our official site for a while handtheband.com – then now is the time. We’ve relaunched it with a brand new look and more info, it’s now easier than ever to get to our music, videos and merch.

As well as the new site, our music video for Level One is being premiered at Tokyo Demo Fest this weekend. It’s being released there first as even though it is our music video, it is also a very big project for the team behind it. We’re really excited about this and wish the guys all the best luck in the competition!

We’re hoping to bring you the completed video and track very soon, there’s just some very minor tweaking to be done before we release it to the world.

However, here is a new shot to whet your appetite 🙂

Level One video screenshot

Level One Video Screenshot

Finally we’d like to announce our first live date for our return to the gigging scene. We shall be playing in our home town of Horsham on May 23rd @ The Holbrook Club. Full details will follow shortly (and be available on all our social sites) but this will be the first time to hear a large part of Kintsugi live.

We hope you will be able to make it!

Have a great weekend,


Kintsugi Artwork and Tracklisting

So we are finally back from the land of OZ and fully enjoying the lovely English weather 😉

Work is back up and running on Kintsugi with 8 out of the 9 songs complete. There’s just a little bit of tweaking needed on the opening track to provide the cherry on top.

We wanted to share with you the cover artwork and tracklisting, I think you’ll agree that Gustavo Sazes has done an amazing job! We can’t wait for you to see the full CD design.

Kintsugi Cover

Kintsugi Tracklisting:

Level 1
Anthem (Ode To The Giddy)
Volcanic Panic
Amazing Burn
Hide You
Through The Big Door Up the Stairs And Out
Words To That Effect (instrumental)


As always we welcome your comments and feedback via any of our social media sites, or leave us a comment below.