Studio Diary


A lot has been happening behind the scenes for the last couple of weeks! We’re still mixing the album as there’s a bit of tweaking left to do, but it’s sounding rather beefy, and very yummy right now. We are well on the way to a completed album and when it’s done we may put up a song or two 🙂

Aside from the mxing we have been finalising release dates, artwork, promo plans, merch etc. We have a list as long as our arms to work through, but it’s all starting to come together which is very exciting!

Take a look at our video diary from the studio, it has lots of behind the scenes footage but make sure to watch right to the end 😉

Kintsugi Studio Diary

There’s loads more to come and we’d love to know your thoughts so far, feel free to drop us a comment on FacebookYoutube or below.