Hi everyone,

Kintsugi is finished (yay!), it’s going to press this week so very soon we should have the actual physical CDs in our midst.

This later than we originally planned, a large part of that being it took us quite a while to decide exactly how we wanted to release this album. From the very start of Kintsugi we wanted to do things a bit different and experiment a bit more, especially with the production side of things. Boring details aside… we ended up with two finished versions of Kintsugi, each with a different approach.

The dilemma we had is which version do we release? We discussed and discussed, there was no obvious answer to that question. So here it is: We are releasing two versions of Kintsugi.

The Standard Edition (which is the CD version) is everything you would expect from a modern day studio production. Slick, crisp, exciting and powerful.  No holds barred, this conveys the tracks with a sharp, decisive attack and nails the power behind them.

The Gold Edition (download and vinyl) has a completely different feel and is more reminiscent of the analogue era, more dynamics and adds a live vibe to everything. One track is an entirely separate recording altogether.  This is something special indeed and will be available on vinyl and also as a lossless high-quality download.

We just want everyone to enjoy the music, so if you buy the Standard Edition you get the Gold Edition for free as a download. There will be more details about all that in the coming weeks, but we’re still sorting out a few things for the run up to release day (including the date)!

Finally the Prog Britannia radio show hosted at http://progrock.com/pr/ will be airing a couple of tracks from Kinstugi on Monday June 30th @ 3PM. If you want to hear them first that’s where you need to be.
You can check out the show further by visiting to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/286925034811650/.