We hope you all had a great festive season and are looking forward to the new year! There’s been a few changes in the hAND camp very recently and we wanted to update you all on what’s been happening.

Firstly and simply put hAND are currently back to a two piece temporarily, both Dan and Tom have decided to call it a day with the band. Tom has moved away and can’t dedicate the time any more, and Dan has fallen out of love with drumming and put down the sticks.  There’s no hard feelings at all and we’re still great friends, but we are very sorry to see them both go.

Myself and Kieren have been discussing / talking things over for a couple of weeks around all aspects of the band, as any change is an opportunity for re-invention. It’s likely that the new hAND will still benefit from a kick-ass live drummer, and so we’re keen to see if there’s anyone like-minded out there interested in becoming our new sticksman / sticklady.

As such, this is the first official call to drummers – if you’re talented, expressive, share our passion for the driving, the intricate and the unusual, please get in touch!

Any interested parties should email [email protected].

Cheers & Happy New Year