Not quite a goodbye…

Hello everyone,

We thought it was about time we updated you on the drummer situation as we’ve been pretty quiet over the last few months.

Firstly, we have to say that we’ve spent a good few months advertising on various sites & real life, chatting to drummers, meeting drummers, coming up with plans, but unfortunately our search hasn’t been successful. That’s nobody’s fault, it’s just not been right for either party so far, but it does leave us with a bit of a dilemma.

With a drummer not forthcoming, we’ve had several long discussions and brain storming sessions about what to do. The short version is; we’re putting hAND on hiatus. This is not a break up or a definitive end, this is a “right now we want to try some new things, work a bit differently, go down avenues we haven’t before and see where it takes us”.

We felt it was better to start a new project for that, different set ups, different styles etc than morph hAND into something it’s not. We’re not giving up on being a band or writing music so please let us introduce you to Boxtape.

This is going to be our main project for the foreseeable future and it consists of just myself and Kieren playing music that has a more acoustic stripped back vibe.

It’s quite a change but we’re very excited about it right now and the challenges it poses us! In some cases it might still borrow a little bit from hAND – it’s still us after all, and same core songwriting team but in a completely different setting and genre. Expect lots of gigs, recordings and releases, and a YouTube channel full of content.

We’d just like to end by saying a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, come to gigs, bought music, or helped us in any way, thank you, you’ve been amazing!

We realise that this change might not be what people are expecting or interested in, and that’s completely cool, but, if you do feel inclined to support our new project we’d be very grateful indeed.


Happy Holidays / And Then There Were Two……

We hope you all had a great festive season and are looking forward to the new year! There’s been a few changes in the hAND camp very recently and we wanted to update you all on what’s been happening.

Firstly and simply put hAND are currently back to a two piece temporarily, both Dan and Tom have decided to call it a day with the band. Tom has moved away and can’t dedicate the time any more, and Dan has fallen out of love with drumming and put down the sticks.  There’s no hard feelings at all and we’re still great friends, but we are very sorry to see them both go.

Myself and Kieren have been discussing / talking things over for a couple of weeks around all aspects of the band, as any change is an opportunity for re-invention. It’s likely that the new hAND will still benefit from a kick-ass live drummer, and so we’re keen to see if there’s anyone like-minded out there interested in becoming our new sticksman / sticklady.

As such, this is the first official call to drummers – if you’re talented, expressive, share our passion for the driving, the intricate and the unusual, please get in touch!

Any interested parties should email [email protected].

Cheers & Happy New Year


Autumn Tour Dates Announced


We’ve been busy over the summer months and prepared a few gigs for your auditory pleasure this autumn. Further details are available on the shows page, but we’re kicking off in Brixton next month with Who Run The World. They are a new promotions company dedicated to showcasing female musicians and we’re delighted to be on their debut show at Veg Bar.

Set lists for these shows will include tracks from Kintsugi, Breathing and Deadroom Journal, as well as a hint at some new material. We’d love to see some familiar faces (and some new) and can’t wait to be back playing.




Level One Music Video

So finally we can get some new news on the front page. We’ve had no end of problems with the site getting previously hacked, but it’s all sorted now, hooray!

Without further ado we are delighted to present the official music video for Level One. CTRL-ALT-TEST did an amazing job and we cannot thank them enough for their effort and dedication to the project.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy the pixels.




Hello all,

We have a couple of gig announcements for you! Our next outing is at the Hellfire Club in Redhill on March 7th, we’re playing alongside Stoneghost and Outright Resistance and it promises to be an excellent night. We’re on first so make sure you get down early if you want to catch our set. All kicks off about 8pm.

We are very delighted to announce that we are playing Foxrox this year up in Leicester, it is a two day prog / metal festival with some amazing bands on the bill… HeKz Amplifier Winter in Eden, Cloud Atlas, Phase and more! Not till July, but tickets are on sale now from

We’d love to see you at these shows, the set for Foxrox is going to be special indeed!

Kintsugi is Released!

Today is the day, Kintsugi is finally released!

So release day is finally here, wow what a ride this has been! Thank you for all your support, we hope that every one of you who pre-ordered is enjoying the album and T-shirts.

If you haven’t got a copy, there’s now several ways to get your hands (haha) on some lovely Kintsugi goodies. There’s Amazonour official site (with T-shirts and vinyl too) and for those of you that like downloads head over to our Bandcamp page.  (iTunes will follow in the coming weeks!)

We have a couple of live dates coming up in November –

Nov 22nd @ Sanctuary in Basingstoke, Hampshire
Nov 28th @ The Black Dog in Crawley, West Sussex

We’re looking forward to playing this loud 😀

More details can be found on our Shows page for the gigs. We’re working hard to secure some more gigs in the new year, if you would like us to play near you please let us know where you are in the world! Alternatively if there’s a cracking venue near you please request us (send them and us an email!).

Thank you once again, please enjoy Kintsugi!

We love you all.


Wanna Hear Our New Album Right Now?

Then you need to head over to PROG where they are exclusively streaming Kintsugi in full 😀

We are very grateful to Team Rock and the Prog team for supporting us and backing the album. We hope you love it as much as we do, we can’t wait to see what you think.

Tweet Us, Facebook Us, or email us your thoughts, comments, what you had for breakfast; we love hearing from you!

More updates as and when we get them.



Kintsugi Pre-Orders Are Go!

Hello everyone,

We are over the moon that Kintsugi is ready to go and the promo has already started. Keep a keen eye on our socials as already we’ve had interviews with Core of Brutality,Vents Magazine and soon, Prog Magazine!

You can pre-order Kintsugi right now! We have 3 different bundles available and they consist of:

The Bronze Bundle: Kintsugi CD with Gold Edition Download, £10

The Silver Bundle: Kintsugi CD with Gold Edition Download + Kintsugi T-shirt, £18

The Gold Bundle: Kintsugi CD with Gold Edition Download + Kintsugi T-shirt + Limited Edition Vinyl of Kintsugi Gold Edition, £30

Kintsugi CDKintsugi T-shirtKintsugi Vinyl Front

We are also shipping worldwide!  You can pick up a pre-order bundle in our online merch shop.

Without further ado here’s the first full track from Kintsugi – Volcanic Panic. We’d love to know what you think, email us, tweet us, or leave a comment on the vid if you feel so inclined.

hAND – Volcanic Panic Studio Play Through

As always we thoroughly appreciate your support, as the promo is ramping up we are receiving lots of lovely emails and it makes the last 2-3 years of very hard work all the more worth it.

UPDATE: You can check out another full album track on the Music page – Anthem (Ode to the Giddy).

Thank you.